Dissecting a brand

Today in brand busting we were given a task of dissecting a brand and looking at the brands core values, voice, message, and bottom use. When given a choice between a corporate, civic, institutional, individual and media brands we chose an individual brand – politician Hilary Clinton.

We all have immediate associations when thinking about her as she has quite a strong personal brand and a huge marketing team behind her to look after her image. Her voice is professional and she resonates experience in leadership and politics. Her message tries to appeal to young people, ethnic minorities, and especially women and we can agree that her message does get across quite well to her target audiences.  Her campaign slogan is ‘Make it Real’ which on it’s own does not make much sense. The slogan comes out of her aim as a president – ‘Creating a society where everyone is treated equal. Make it real’. As far as slogans go i think hers is not a good one as it does not stand on its own, without context. Apart from not being the most functional of slogans it fits very well with her core values: equality (both gender and racial), helping rural communities, small businesses, medicare, helping those in poverty and providing education. These are well chosen core values as most Americans can stand behind those.

However, when looking at the gaps of her brand we see quite a few, especially in her communication with the younger generation. Tweets like : ’’ Tell us how you feel about your student debt in 3 emojis or less’’ does not seem like something she would normally say and it is clear that her team is tweeting for her. Another gap in her brand is the lack of trust people have in her because of her long involvement in politics. The bottom line of her brand is getting elected and gaining political power and she makes it visible.

What do you think about Hilary Clintons brand?img_3712


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