Is the bottom line of branding always about money?


Is the bottom line of branding always about money?

Corporate branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a company that would differentiate them from competitors in the marketplace.  It is the brands look, feel and reputation, it is how the customers view the company and what associations they make when looking at a brand. The importance of branding is becoming more and more evident in the business world. It is the most powerful weapon in a marketing departments arsenal and businesses can’t afford not to brand.

But is it always about money?

I believe branding is about generating an outcome and in most cases the outcome is income.

There are companies out there that genuinely want to do good. And they use branding to get people riled up about the same causes and beliefs and simply making money on the way. However, very few businesses are like that. Most businesses will use carefully developed branding strategies to get money and who can blame them? After all that is the main function of a business in the first place. I personally don’t see it as wrong unless they are lying and don’t support the causes they say they believe in.

But it is not only businesses who use branding. Politicians, artists, freelancers, religious groups and many others brand and are branded as well. Some of them do not brand to get money out of it but rest assure all of them brand to get a desired outcome. A politician does it to get votes, an artist to express an opinion or to sell paintings, a freelancer to get better clients and religious groups brand to get more followers. Even non-profit organisations use branding to get more donations and in their case it is definitely about getting more money

So the answer to the question is no. It is not always about money. But it is always about gaining a desired outcome.


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